More About Detoxing

More About Detoxing

Toxin derives from the Greek vocabulary “toxicon” which means poison. This was a substance they used to cover their arrowheads with, to make them more deadly.

  • Toxins within the body create free radicals at an alarming rate.. These cause cellular damage, which in turn ages our internal organs prematurely
  • The effects of cellular respiration is reduced and results in abnormally low absorption of nutrients into our bodies
  • Builds up metabolic waste which the body struggles to dispose of
  • The body is always replenishing its cells and destroying old, worn out cells, these are eliminated by the bowel

There are two kinds of toxin categories:

  • Endogenous toxins – origin inside of the body. Examples being ammonia, creatinine, bilirubin, uric acid
  • Exogenous toxins – origin outside of the body. Examples being tobacco, heavy metals, pesticides, processed foods, e numbers,      preservatives, sprays, alcohol, medical drugs – 80% of cancers are attributed to our environment

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