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“When the intestines are dirty, the blood is dirty, and so are the organs & tissues. It is the intestinal system that has to be cared for before any effective healing can take place.” – Dr. Bernard Jensen

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Colonic Hydrotherapy Benefits

For the relief of digestive disorders, use colonic hydrotherapy for gentle and extremely effective treatment.

It is effective on so many levels, even with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Gedling Colonics offers professional colonic hydrotherapy treatments in Nottingham for people of all ages (18+) and sexes.

Those of us who have had colonic hydrotherapy before will know the extreme relief and benefits it brings.

If you suffer from IBS, bloating, constipation, stomach or abdominal pains, diarrhoea, heartburn & indigestion (the list goes on in digestive terms), then colon hydrotherapy is a fantastic treatment which has been shown to be highly beneficial.

This gentle, extremely safe but very effective treatment has been shown over the years to successfully treat many of these digestive problems mentioned above.

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Gut Problems? It’s not just you…

Bowel Cancer Rates In The UK

At the moment, Great Britain is suffering the most; 1 in 3 people see their GP’s with bowel and stomach problems and 35,000 new cases of bowel cancer are diagnosed each year – that’s one new diagnosis every 15 minutes.


GPs have numerous drugs to treat the pains & other symptoms, along with various tests through the hospital (some of which can be quite unpleasant) but still, IBS cannot be pinned onto certain causes. The drugs have little or no effect on the symptoms.

Sobering Stats About Gut Health of Brits
  • Bowel Cancer – claiming 16,000 lives every year, making it the second biggest killing cancer in the UK. Improving your diet and lifestyle can reduce this amount by up to two-thirds.
  • IBS – 20% of the population of the UK is suffering at any one time. That’s twelve million patients struggling to carry on with their day-to-day duties. The development of IBS is extremely varied and far-reaching, however, lifestyle and diet do play a part.
What You Can Do To Help Yourself

Digestive & bowel problems are here to stay and diagnosis is increasing all the time. We need to continue to gain a better understanding of the disorders to help things change.

In the meantime, you can get yourself checked out by a fully qualified hydrotherapist at Gedling Colonics. We can both help soothe any existing conditions as well as check for anything untoward.

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