Why Colonic Hydrotherapy?

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Why Colonic Hydrotherapy As A Treatment?

Waste matter accumulates within the colon, which is what Colonic Hydrotherapy can help to release. This can be in the form of impacted faecal matter, dead cellular tissue, parasites, worms, mucosal tissue, etc. Lots of nasty stuff!

This itself can cause a severe impact on your general well-being, as they have probably been in your colon for many years. This is where Colonic Hydrotherapy by Gedling Colonics can help.

An accumulation of waste products can cause toxicity within the colon. It is these toxic substances that are able to pass through the wall of an unhealthy colon and then be carried all around the body, making us feel really off-colour.

The build-up of the toxic waste in the colon sometimes reduces the colon’s natural muscular action, which causes a lazy, sluggish bowel. The digestion process also cannot function to full capacity and absorption will be compromised.

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Which Illneses Can Colonics Help With?

You can enjoy the health benefits of professionally performed Colonic Hydrotherapy in the comfort and tranquillity of Gedling Colonics. We will both treat existing conditions as well as check for anything else untoward.

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