What Does Colon Hydrotherapy Do?

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What Does Colon Hydrotherapy Do?

Colon Hydrotherapy aims to cleanse fully, the colon. It stimulates peristalsis this is the action that moves the waste products through the colon, reshaping and strengthening it.

Massage techniques are used alongside the treatment to help bring nutrients, oxygen and blood to the intestines.

Over the long term, colonic hydrotherapy can lead to increased liver & kidney function, better digestion and an increase in the overall performance of your immune system itself.

Previous Colon Hydrotherapy clients report feeling fitter, healthier and younger than before the treatment. Colonic hydrotherapy, used alongside nutrition and other natural therapies, is profoundly effective.

You can enjoy the health benefits of professionally performed colonic irrigation in the comfort and tranquillity of Gedling Colonics. Contact us today to book your appointment; either call 0115 882 0292 or send us any questions or booking requests by email.

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