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Colonic Irrigation Probiotics Use – Are They Necessary?

Good Bacteria

Helping Naturally The “Good” Bacteria

Dysbiosis is one of the main reasons for gut problems. This is when the balance of bacteria within the digestive tract is outnumbered by pathogenic bacteria over the friendly bacteria we need.

Flatulence, abdominal cramps, bloating, eczema, constipation and a badly working immune system are all symptoms of this happening.

Dysbiosis is a clear sign all is not well in the gastrointestinal tract and needs help.

Dysbiosis can be caused by:

  • Stress
  • Poor digestion
  • Antibiotic overuse, antacids, steroids and others
  • Conventional prescribed drugs
  • Toxin exposure
  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • The immune system not working correctly
  • Unknown causes

Your colon should contain trillions of good bacteria to form a healthy microflora balance. This keeps your digestion working correctly and effectively. This does assist in conditions such as IBS, stomach infections, eczema, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.

Helping Digestion

Friendly Bacteria Helps Your Digestion

Friendly bacteria assist in our digestion process and even help with the production of some essential nutrients. This is why our health suffers when our gut microflora is not balanced.

Heavy antibiotic usage can deplete the friendly bacteria and some B vitamins. Antibiotics are also found in our meat, milk and water not just prescribed medication.

A good supplement to use to help your digestion is acidophilus/Bifidus, which helps reduce bad cholesterol and helps with lactose digestion (milk and dairy products). It may also help protect against cancer as it converts potentially harmful nitrates & nitrosamines into less destructible substances.

You need to give your body the best chance of working to its full capacity, treat it well & look after it!!

I recommend Ecodophilus by Bionutri, which can be purchased from the Natural Dispensary on 01453 757792 and cost £10.65 for 1 month’s supply. They are yeast and dairy free, so suitable for vegetarians.

Each supplement contains billions of viable cells including acidophilus, bulgaricus, lactis, lactobacillus kefir.

Beneficial Effects

Beneficial Effects Of Good Bacteria

  • Research shows friendly bacteria may actually block the ability of pathogens attaching to the gut lining, so reducing colonisation of dangerous bacteria such as candida, E.coli and giardia
  • I Acidophilus really enhances the digestion of lactose (dairy products) in fermented products or unfermented, encouraging better absorption into the bodies systems
  • Research shows that supplementation of the diet with I. Acidophilus converts nitrosamines and nitrates harmful to the body into more tolerable substances that are less harmful