How Many Colonic Treatments Are Needed?

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How Many Colonic Treatments Are Needed?

This may be a question that comes to mind when thinking about booking your first colonic hydrotherapy session. In truth, it depends on a number of things, as no one person is the same. Age, dependency, lifestyle, diet, and constitution, along with their medical history and prescribed medicines, all play a role.

Gedling Colonics do recommend at least one follow-up appointment to ensure the problem has been rectified and to help with ongoing advice.

Sometimes, in the case of severe constipation that has developed into a chronic ailment, possibly three or four treatments may be required. This is very rare though.

The aim is to get you sorted out as soon as possible. Information will be given out on bowel health in order to empower patients to take control of themselves, perhaps with a maintenance treatment every 3, 4 or even 6 months.

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We may also prescribe supplements, probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc. to help with your recovery. These will be charged separately or you can buy direct from a supplier with a prescription written especially for you.

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