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Are looking at booking your first Colonic Treatment and are you a little unsure of what to expect? Are you wondering if the treatment is uncomfortable, embarrassing or messy?

Firstly, in most cases treatment is relaxing and comforting. It’s of utmost importance to Jane and Gedling Colonics that you feel secure in your decision to have the treatment.

We ensure every question will be answered before you proceed. Confidentiality, discretion and modesty will be shown at all times.

Colonic Treatment Information

What does Colonic Hydrotherapy feel like?

On your first appointment, your full medical history will be taken alongside your completed health questionnaire before your hydrotherapist runs through the treatment procedure with you. Everyone is an individual and is treated that way. What you want from the colonic and any symptoms you have will be discussed prior to the start.

Prior to treatment, a digital examination will be performed, just to check the direction to place the speculum (pipe nozzle) and also to make sure the rectum is healthy for the treatment.

Your modesty will be protected at all times; you are only uncovered briefly to insert the speculum and then remove it once the treatment has been completed.

Hydrotherapist Qualifications

All ARCH practitioners are highly trained to the postgraduate level, having significant experience in body-based therapies.

The National College of Colonic Hydrotherapy prerequisites is doctors or nurses trained in orthodox medicine or so many years of training in anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Due to the massage side of the treatment, they also require experience in hands-on therapies. You can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands.

The Colonic Treatment

The colonic treatment itself takes about 35-45 minutes. It is recommended that a minimum of two treatments are taken to ensure the full cleansing benefits. This also gives you the best increase in health and wellbeing too.

Within the session, 70-80 litres of warm, filtered, pure water will go through the speculum and into your rectum. Your abdomen will be massaged to help with the release of faecal matter within the colon.

During the treatment, the pressure, water temperature and cleansing procedure are monitored carefully at all times. The temperature plays an important part in the stimulation of peristalsis within the colon.

Any herbal implants that are necessary will be added to the cost of your treatment.

Colonic Treatment Fees
  • £120 – First appointment, including full health consultation & colonic treatment 
  • £90 – All follow-up appointments
  • Emergency Out-of-Hours Appointment – £159
  • All major credit/debit cards accepted
  • Please note that a deposit is required to secure your booking. For details see here.

Any advice or discussion of the treatment will follow at the conclusion of the procedure.